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    Teamspeak showing wrong flag?

    So today i was just minding my own business and found a north american on an argentine server, so i decided to take a look at his ping and found out he had 34ms, wich is really weird considering i get almost 200ms to usa and vice versa. It looks like its a bot since it has been connected for 2 days straight and is using a linux os

    sorry if im using the wrong topic, didnt know where to post
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    I have noticed this thread and I also have the flag of Israel, and I really do not live in that country hahaha, why ?

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    My country flag changed from Slovakia to Romaina

    Hello guys i want to ask about my problem.
    Today i been playing game while i was on ts3 with mi friends when my internet went down for like a 3min and my flag on TS3 changed from Slovakian to Romanian and i cant connect to my friends TS server

    Please help me and excuse my english
    Thank you

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    Server GeoIP Location Issue


    I already checked that Teamspeak uses for retrieving the geoip location of IP addresses on the server weblist. I recently purchased a new server but its not showing up in the country i want it to show. (I basically purchased it for India while its showing USA) location. Can anyone guide me how to update to update my server IP address location in their database?

    Edit: Found this email address: [email protected]. If this is the only solution then I will request the forum moderator to lock this topic down as I got the solution myself.

    Edit2: I am currently using a droplet system from a hosting company. The droplet has 2 IP's:
    The instance IP: shows this in USA
    The floating IP: the floating IP/static location shows this in India.
    (When i check the server web list it catches the instance IP instead of floating IP and shows the server location in USA) Any help to fix this will be appreciated.

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    My flag is wrong

    My server where in Germany is located has a France ip could they change this? IP: removed
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    Is it possible to refresh/reload the teamspeak weblist? I've changed a location and would like to see some changes.

    Kind regards

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    Quote Originally Posted by GER_MoDz View Post

    Is it possible to refresh/reload the teamspeak weblist? I've changed a location and would like to see some changes.

    Kind regards
    Usually at the first day in a new month; or someone has to do it manually.
    SOLVED: database has been updated a moment ago
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    Quote Originally Posted by FloHollyKp View Post
    I wanted to join TS3 and then I had no Austrian flag but I had a Croatia flag have already restarted my wifi and have not activated a VPN VPN

    Help my Pls!
    I want to do that too, anyone to help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleurrose View Post
    I want to do that too, anyone to help me?
    Read Post #1? *cough slightly*
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