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    How to restore old permissions

    hi, is messed up my group permission
    i want to restore the Server Query admin to its default
    but how do i do that without losing everything

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    You have in the server folder (sql folder) the default.sql file.
    This file contains all default permission (all for the first start). You can use the sql statement for the Query admin group to restore it without "touch" the other permissions.

    1- Stop your server
    2- Make a backup of your database
    3- Open your database
    4- In the default.sql file, select all starting like :
    insert into perm_server_group (server_id, id1, id2, perm_id, perm_value,perm_negated, perm_skip) values (0, 2, 0,.....
    5- Use these line with the tool that you use to open your database, and apply.
    6- Restart your server.

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    will this also solve problems with missing permission, like through updates in beta ? I upgraded since the first beta and seems that my templates were more and more damaged throught those plenty of upgrades.

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    Do you updated correctly the i_group_auto_update_type on each groups (at each update) ?

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