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    Idle Time even thou people are not idle.

    Sometimes people's Idle Time is counted improperly. Im sitting in a channel, talking all the time and than suddenly: idle time exceeded.
    I don't know what's the issue but it im using 3.0.0-rc1 [Build: 14468] on FreeBSD.
    The "Idle Time" on client info displays the time going up and up even thou im talking. Its not always like that, just sometimes.

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    This is not a bug. I can only assume that you're using ntpdate to synchronize and set the servers date and time. The ntpdate maintainers have decided to deprecate it in favor of only using ntpd.

    Make sure you use ntpd since it adjusts the date and in small steps (letting the system clock run faster/slower), and thus will not cause the idle kick issue you're describing.

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    ntpd is up and running.

    To be correct, rdate is ran every 5 minutes.

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    Bump, still having issues.
    Very rarely clients activity is not noticed.

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