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    Info on how to show ranks


    I have seen the ability to use RANK icons next to someones name. I am looking for information on:
    1) How to set up ranks
    2) How to set a icon to a rank to be seen
    3) Is that server side so everyone can see the ranks

    Thanks for the help in advance,


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    • Download Rank Icons
    • Go to TS Client
    • Connect to server
    • right click on server name
    • select 'view icons'
    • click 'upload' and upload the icons you downloaded previously
    • For each rank (e.g. Sergeant Major) create a new servergroup/channelgroup
    • Goto Settings -> Options (Alt+P) -> Application
    • Hit 'advanced permission system'
    • Now go to Permissions -> Servergroups (or Channelgroups)
    • Search for the permission i_icon_id
    • Double click on 'value'
    • Select the icon you want to use by double clicking on it

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