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    Solved Dynamic hardware list update and/or stored in "memory"

    Okay, I don't think this has been suggested before.
    I have a 3 soundcard set up at home: My laptop's soundcard (is unused at home), a USB soundcard (main, not used by TS) and a USB headset (used for TS and Skype calls). When I leave the house and need my laptop with me I'll unhook the main soundcard and the headset and I leave those at home. TeamSpeak doesn't like it when I unhook the headset while I have it in use by the program so I usually change TS hardware selection to my onboard sound or quit TeamSpeak entirely. If I quit TS and start it again with only my onboard soundcard it will give me a pop-up saying it's now using that hardware because it couldn't find my headset. It works fine on my laptop's sound though I don't use the mic for obvious reasons ^^
    Now if I have TeamSpeak started and hook on my headset it will not show up in the list and I have to restart TS. Or if I quit TS before hooking the headset on and connect the headset and then start TS it will not automatically grab my headset but will stay on the laptop's soundcard.

    The suggestion I have is something Skype does have and that's that it automatically grabs the hardware if available and uses another if the specified hardware could not be found. So in my case it auto-switches between my onboard soundcard and headset (ringtones are switched between onboard and USB soundcard though but that's not using speech). Could this be implemented in TeamSpeak as well? If the auto-switching can not be done then at least have it auto-update the list of available audio devices in the Playback and Capture settings every time one goes to the said settings screens.
    I'm using only one Profile scheme for the hardware but I doubt making an extra profile (chosen with a hotkey because I love hotkeys) will change anything because it doesn't even detect newly connected hardware unless restarted.

    Thanks for replying ^^

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that if somehow my headset gets disconnected while TS is in use (eg: USB power malfunction) and then hooked back on TS likes to switch the main and headset soundcards around in name and use. The headset becomes my main and the main the headset according to TS while the other programs use the hardware normally.

    --- Merged ---

    Could someone agree with me here? It would be a good addition you know :3

    --- Merged

    I think I may have found the solution or at least a part. Something I haven't done in the older beta's and therefor was used to doing it manually. Apparently, setting the things to "default" for the sound hardware means it will take the hardware assigned by Windows for speech recording and speech playback (not the one from volume control). I didn't know this.
    However, taking out my headset's hardware while TS is running will still give problems and I have to set it manually to the desired hardware. Windows itself does of course switch back but TS seems to have a bit of trouble there. So the problem of switching dynamically still stands, kinda. Fix?
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    You could solve it, with a second palyback and capture profile, where your headset is selected.
    Use this profile, when you use your headset and do not connect , when your headset is not conencted, or else you will overwrite your settings again.
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