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    Ok, sounds like your different ways didn't decode the file (base64)
    So, you can use the base64 linux command or an external tool to decode it , like this post :

    If it does not work or you are not sure, send me your license file in private message.

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    florian_fr40 is right, i had the same problem with my license file. I use strato too and my server is now running with the license.
    You have to restart 1 or 2 times your root server, when you copied your decoded license on your server.
    After restarts, wait 10-15 mins and try again to start ts3 server. I did this, because the server got my license, but teamspeak server itself not.

    If the license is not running, try more rootserver restarts. Do you have a serverkey.dat in your Teamsspeak3 server directory?

    The license.dat file has to look like that:
    Company name : ********* 
    address : *******
    zipcode : *******
    city : ******** 
    country : Germany 
    phone : ********
    fax : 
    sales contact: ***************
    tech contact : ***************
    type : Nonprofit 
    start date : ******
    end date : ******
    max. virtual servers: 10 
    max. slots : 512 
    description : TeamSpeak 3 Non-Profit License 
    <your key>
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