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    ToDo List Mac OS X Lion ----- Can not save settings Bug

    I have a member not able to save setting on MAC OS X Lion. Due to the "." used in the directory structure to the .conf file Lion refuses to create the directory. This will prevent new users with Lion to install TS 3 and save there settings.

    I tried and help them follow other posted fixes to no avail. This appears to be a LION fresh install issue but still one that will effect clients going forward.

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    Self Resolved ....

    Manually created .ts3client folder and the ts3client conf file. Then set the chmod on the file.

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    Thanks for this info. As I havn't updated to Lion yet, that new behaviour was unknown to me. Indeed, it would prevent any fresh installed TeamSpeak client working.

    It appears Lion enforces applications to use the standard config location in ~/Library/Preferences/<app> instead of the old Unix-style ~/.<app>. Time to adjust the TeamSpeak client, I suppose...

    Internal ticket ID TS-781
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