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    Devs You forgot the Force nick Change and Avatar Change

    You guys said almost a year ago that you would put into the program the ability for admins to change a users nickname and avatar... I would still like this Feature. because i would like to be able to remove vulgar names from people and vulgar avatars...

    How many more of you would like this ability?

    (this isnt much of a detailed topic... but i am extremely tired)

    --- Merged ---

    I read that you Rejected Nickname Changing....

    I stand By the Vulgar Avatar Changing..... or Deleting.... Seeing as we cant remove them from our system when someone joins the server. and especially cant delete them if they are a standing member with Perms.
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    Vulgar nickname blocking is easy, use the ban system. Once they change to an appropriate nickname they can connect again.
    As for vulgar avatars, if they refuse to change it goto the list all clients window and delete them from the database. I would not consider a member insisting on use a vulgar avatar a "standing member" that deserves permissions.

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    Dante said that Avatar Deleting is on ToDo..

    I'm waiting for this too..

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