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    [PLANNING]OSSv4 or OpenAL Plugin

    I've recently switched to OSS for various reasons I won't go into and I noticed that one of the few applications that do not support OSS is Teamspeak. I noticed in the client plugin SDK the following functions:


    I've started multiple plugins before... and I've found that certain functions didn't quite do what I wanted them to do. So I'm going to ask before I continue.

    Do the functions listed above allow me to add sound devices to the playback/capture list? Can these devices playback and record like any other device? Why are plugins not used instead of soundbackend libraries then? Any other feedback would be nice.

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    I'm back and I've started implementing the actual plugin. But I'm rather stumped...

    I've learned that two of the functions I posted are automatically handled by Teamspeak 3. The only ones *currently* relevant should be the following:


    When you register a device, it adds a usable string to a mode list named "custom". It looks pretty promising at the moment.

    However, I'm confused as to /where/ I'm supposed to buffer playback data. Where am I supposed to call "ts3client_acquireCustomPlaybackData"?

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