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    Solved ClientQuery Source Code

    Hello everyone. I'm making a plugin similar to ACRE but for a different game, a mod for Red Orchestra (which runs on the unreal 2004) engine. I've made quite a lot of progress, but at the moment I have the game communicating with Teamspeak via the ClientQuery plugin. It sets the client_meta_data to the player's coordinates, and then my plugin checks it every x seconds.

    It would make a lot more sense for my plugin to have its own TCP server, and when it receives an update it would set the player's position automatically, rather than having to constantly check for updates. But for this I'd need the code for a TCP server.

    Is there any chance I could see how this is done in the ClientQuery plugin source code?

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    So I've got it to work using the ts3plugin_onClientSelfVariableUpdateEvent() event, but the problem is the ClientQuery plugin logs every incoming message. So when I send it several messages per second, the TS Client Log fills up rapidly and - even worse - it's logging to file several times per second!

    Is there any way to turn off ClientQuery's logging?

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    That's a good point you mention.

    I think the best solution would be to disable logging by default (it's not really useful for people who just make use of the plugin) but to offer an option to enable logging in the ClientQuery options dialog for debugging and testing purpose for those who write add-ons via the clientquery interface.

    The TCP server code in the ClientQuery plugin is quite unspectacular. It binds a tcp socket on port 25639 and listens for incoming connections.

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    with client 3.0.3 the commands and server reply, can be found in your current client log.
    Logging is disabled by default settings.
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