Hello guys,

I know there are lots of topics relating to this problem, but I think its not the same circumstances as I have them.
I have the latest beta TS3.

Issue :
During a running Game I experience packet loss from 5 to 30%, sometimes it runs fine for a while and sometimes I only hear some other players fine.
I barely understand the people, sounds like a metallic voice.

when the game is not loaded, there is no problem.
the packet loss varies with ping ( 35 ms / 150 ms ) and from time to time, usually a new restartet Teamspeak is better and a new restartet Router aswell.

I have Teamspeak running on my 4th Core ( last one ) on realtimependancy.

I can hear everybody fine even when I have prime 95 on 4 cores running.
I disabled my onboard soundcard.
I tried a pci soundcard.
I tried a usb soundcard headset.

I disabled all the unneeded options in TS for quality stuff.
what helps me to hear some others better and louder, does not help me to understand everybody all the time.

then I tested my connections, exchanged an as broken defined cable to the router.
0% packet loss to an 130 ms ping server.
then I checked my router for its MTU.
then I checked my network drivers for its MTU and RWIN.
if I ping a site with my MSS I dont experience fragmented data or loss.

I tried maybe 30 different settings for MTU and RWIN.

can you give me a hint if the problem can be the wrong MTU or RWIN?

I should have 6mbit connection, but speedtest give me result from 4.5 to 5.2 Mbit for europe and 2 to 3.5 MBit for America.

best Regard