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    high cpu load using ts3 in a vm

    I am running a ts3-server 3.0.0 [Build: 14957] for testing purposes in a virtual machine created with virtualbox. OS is debian wheezy amd64. Whenever the server is running the cpu load is around 20% for the process and the cpu usage for virtualbox on the host-system increases by ~ 20%.

    I copied the ts-server-files on my laptop which is also running debian wheezy amd64 and there the load was 0% on idle and with users.
    Running directly on the vm's host-system with debian squeeze the load was still 0%.
    Running strace in the vm showed that many threads of the ts3-process were sleeping and waking up like a 100 times a second (nanosleep({0, 10000000}, NULL) = 0) which might be a reason.
    Reinstalling the ts3-server changed nothing and the logs show nothing suspicious.

    The vm is allowed to use both cpu-cores of the host, it's an i2100 with 8gb Ram.
    Is anybody out there experiencing the same problems or has a solution for this?

    thanks in advance
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