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    Exclamation Asks for Server Password when there is none

    Asks for Server Password when there is none. How do I correct this problem

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    What is your problem exactly ?
    Do you mean, the password field is grey out ?

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    No, when I go to log into TS as a client it is asking for a server password when there is no password for the server. Been using the server since may and contacted owner and he reports no password is required to log in.

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    Maybe you try to use a wrong server, or wrong port
    Can you write the server address and port, here?

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    3 port 9196

    fat finger port 9196
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    Quote Originally Posted by bnice View Post
    fat finger port 9196

    Well, I've connected without problems, no password required.
    I'm using TS3 3.0.1 and, important, the server address and port must be indicated as
    <18:45:11> Conectado al Servidor: [19TH] Clan
    <18:45:11> Welcome to the 19TH clan visit us at
    Please check the forums for information regarding the Saturday Night Scrim.

    I've tried with and then the server ask me for password.

    It seems that default server port ask for password and server on 9196 doesn't.

    Maybe, bnice, try again indicating name:numport and if it fails again then give us an image of your bookmark for this connection.

    Good luck.
    Last edited by PotaBlava; October 26th, 2011 at 06:17 PM. Reason: : port shows an emoticon!!!, i've changed to : numport .

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