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Thread: PTT button

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    Cool PTT button

    Hi all,

    I am having a persistent problem with my TEAMSPEAK 3. My PTT button will either stick or the mike will become active all by itself and mess up the other players online. I am running Windows Vista 64 bit with 8 gig of ram and a quad core AMD processor. The mike problem is there if I run a discreet mike or a head set. It does not matter which button is selected to act as PTT. Anybody ever seen this or have a solution? Ant and all hep would be appreciated. Thank you very much. Ohnakin.

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    Please, give us

    a) the version of your TS3 client

    b) an image of your capture parameters
    Settings --> Options --> Capture

    c) and an image of your hotkeys definitions
    Settings --> Options --> Hotkeys


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    PTT does not work correclty

    Version is 3.0.1 Build 15001
    QT version 4.7.2

    Capture Parameters;

    Capture mode = "Automatically use best mode"
    Capture Device = Microphone (Logitech G930 Headset) PTT = "CTRL"
    The following are checked;
    Echo Reduction
    Echo Cancellation
    Advanced Options
    Remove Background Noise
    Delay Releasing Push-To Talk: 0.3secs
    Echo reduction reduces playback by: 12db


    CTRL = Push To Talk (Default)
    Shift (down) = Disable Local Mic Mute (Default) ALT (down) = Toggle Speaker Mute
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