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    Exclamation How do i run TS3 on a different audio device?

    I currently use fraps to record battlefield 3 footage, but i would like to do so without hearing the sounds from TS3 / skype. I have a USB headset, and all programs seems to run through it according to the windows volume mixer. How do i make TS3 run on my on-board audio device (Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (HD audio device)) but still be heard in my headset, but without fraps recording it? thanks!

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    Not possible.. Fraps record ALL Sounds from your System..

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinShark View Post
    Not possible.. Fraps record ALL Sounds from your System..
    Actually not true. Pulled this up because I just finished solving my own solution to this. I will probably post a thread later but wasnt sure that I would be able to post images and product links being a new user.

    Fraps records the default sound device, if you have 2 sound cards (Im using onboard for TS) it wont record both. Unfortunately he cant do this on a USB headset.

    Headphone mixers allow 2+ sources to be mixed to one headset. This would require switching to an analog headset which I have done. A passive mixer will also not work on its own it needs to be powered or you will have to use an amp for the headphones. One card will have ALL or Most windows sounds and will have the game sound this will be recorded. The other can be set in windows 7 as a default communication device making it very easy for skype to work. But no matter that setting Teamspeak can be directed to the other sound device. Mixed back into one headset in the end.

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