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    Setting Up MYSQL with Windows TS3

    Maybe i dont fully understand but i searched the forums hight and low and there all vauge answers to my question..

    How would i get windows TS3 to setup with a MYSQL The biggest problem is it wont attach itself to the server.ini and always assumes im setting up sqllite...

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    Do you read the documentation to create the ts3server.ini and ts3db_mysql.ini files ?
    Teamspeak 3 Server Quick Start.txt
    Do you try to create a shortcut for the exe file with the start parameter :
    D:\0-TEAMSPEAK-3\SERVEUR\3.0.1\teamspeak3-server_win32\ts3server_win32.exe inifile=ts3server.ini
    What do you tried or did, before posting here ?

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