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    Permission's missed with me

    well, I've been trying my first trial, to let the senior admin "move, kick and ban"
    the Normal and Guest tags, but its not working at all, here's the whole story.

    Please inform me with what's wrong so I finish this situation,
    Thank you for the further assistance.

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    May 2010

    What error message a senior admin get ?

    Depends of the other groups but in the senior admin group the b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions is checked ?
    (If not, check it)

    Also, maybe there is a "conflit" with the permissions from another group. A senior admin user has only this group or some others ?

    The grant value to 0 is useless. Remove it.
    (To be sure, please post a permission overview from this user : right click on him > Permissions > Permission Overview > click export as PDF)

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