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    How to set icons in server groups?

    When registering new guests in TS3, how do I apply my icons to them? I do not know if this is in my server admin priviledges or if I'm not finding the right menu. My custom icons are uploaded but there's no mention of how to do this.

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    In a previous question I posted in General asking how to assign icons to users, I found this earlier reply:
    in short..

    For each rank (e.g. Sergeant Major) create a new servergroup/channelgroup
    Goto Settings -> Options (Alt+P) -> Application
    Hit 'advanced permission system'
    Now go to Permissions -> Servergroups (or Channelgroups)
    Search for the permission i_icon_id
    Double click on 'value'

    My problem is that my search didn't find this i_icon_id, but after a long manual search I found that it is not highlighted or "modifiable". As server admin/owner, how do I get this permission to modify it to set values to my custom icons?

    Not a computer genius guys n gals so please think "Forrerst Gump" in your reply?


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    Its like a box of chocolate, but its called "show granted only", and you want that box empty. But in this case we don't need to eat all the chocolate to make the box empty, we just need to click on it. That is about all I have to say about making the search work better.

    Lt Dan use to tell me about an error that would appear in the server tab when he attempted to do things he could not do that was most helpful in resolving his issues. If you have an error in the server tab when you try to modify it please share it.

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    I already fixed this Jenny thank you. Its the other Jenny's I am working on that I have no answers to.. I think I will find a Lt.Dan to get on my Jenny and walk me thru setup. Thank you Bubba

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    Activate this and Search in the Permission System for "icon".

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