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    Serverquery list commands strange behaviour

    I recently noticed that I can get positive responses issuing clientlist, channellist and serverinfo commands from serverquery.
    The problem is that I don't have corresponding permissions set!
    (b_virtualserver_info_view, b_virtualserver_channel_list, b_virtualserver_client_list)

    I use 3.0.0 [Build: 14957] on Linux server.
    Can you please explain what's happening?
    Thanks a lot

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    So your "Guest" or "Guest Server Query" is able to use the commands mentioned above or are you logged in as serveradmin?

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    June 2011
    This happens loggin in as serveradmin (query) but since yesterday something strangest happened: channelinfo command failed, claiming for corresponding permission (as it should be) and this happened without changing any permission.

    Do you have any clues?

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