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    Solved Can I mute myself for a specific person?


    My querie is: I want to talk normally to all people in the channel but want to allow one specific person to hear me only when I push a specific button. The rest of the time he is not allowed to hear what I say.

    I know, I could put all users in the channel on a whisper list and talk to them about whisper but I do not want to hold down a key all the time while speaking and just let it go when that guy should also hear me.

    Is there any possibility to mute myself for one specific person in the channel (as a default setting) unless I push a defined button so he can hear me? I have admin rights on the server.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You can't diable Speakers from other Persons.

    This is Client-Side.

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    Just exclude this person from your channel and he wont hear you.
    (maybe setting a password or join_power)

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    Use whisperlist ?

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