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    Solved [not possible] Multiple server passwords

    Hello TS3 community

    I have a seemingly simple question.

    Is there a way to set up Multiple server passwords?
    I would like to have one static for admins and members.
    But have another that changes weekly for recruits.(<-I don't need a script to do this automatically manual is fine)

    also where is the passwords saved locally? can i edit it server side without going into TS?
    I was thinking if there is a line of code somewhere that could me modded so that option would be created even if it was not visible by someone online that would be fine.

    AAAAny ways thats pretty much it
    Any help would be great!
    Thanks everyone!

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    Isn't possible, but...
    You can use b_virtualserver_join_ignore_password permission, for Admins and Members.
    And change password periodically, for recruits.

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    Thats Great!
    yeah i think ill do that.
    Thanks man

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