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    Exclamation Server SNAPSHOTDEPLOY dont work: "invalid parameter size". How can I restore?

    Hi I could make a snapshot (serversnapshotcreate) and I saved it into a .txt UNICODE format. Now I'm logged in server query console with my server query clid but when i put the code:

    use sid=xx
    snapshotdeploy XXXXX (here I paste the saved snapshot from "hash=" to "|end_permissions")

    it give me an error in the client main chat section that says invalid parameter size.

    I've read another answers but since it is a paid virtual server, i CANT ACCESS TO THE FTP to run any script (it is under linux) and I dont know how to use a webinterface, I did download the psycokiller's one but i dont know how to use it.

    I need to restore this snapshot.


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    I'm sorry, forgot to say that both the server and the client are the latest published versions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by boner
    but since it is a paid virtual server
    Unfortunately, in this case you have to talk about with your hoster. Maybe he will accept to apply this snapshot for you.

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