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    ToDo List [Crit-error] While change sound-package settings

    Assertion item->isCheckable() failed at client\clientui\UI_qt\setup\notificationssetup.cpp :717;
    I change my soundpackage-settings in my client (settings -> options > notifications -> special -> "Mic click self on") and want to change the path to "../default/mic_click_on.wav". After i press enter to confirm the changes, the client crashed with the above posted crit-error-message.

    Btw. My client doesn't play my mic clicks since the (beta) client-update to 3.0.2 - the playback-setting ("Own client plays mic clicks") is enabled.

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    We can reproduce this and will fix that with our upcomming client 3.0.2
    * I mean newer as 3.0.2 (10.11.2011 14:58:35)
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    Thanks for the report. The critical error is fixed now.

    Regarding mic click on own client, works fine here. Check if the entry for Notifications / Special / Mic click self on/off is pointing to an existing file and actually plays (use the play button in the notifications options window to test sounds). Check if you are not output muted and have "Play no sounds" set in the notifications options. And check the soundpack settin of your bookmark.

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    Hm yepp, my bad. I had a typo in my sound-settings.ini - sry

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