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    Issue with update to 3.0.1

    I have been running TS3 for about 2 years now with very little issue to updates but this one seems to have broke TS.

    I have lost admin rights to the Server all the ICON have gone missing, half the public channels and all the space and private channels have gone too.

    It also no longer seem to read inifile=**.ini in command line I only can run the exe.

    I am hopeing is just due to the fact its not running the ini file

    Any advice or help would be greatful

    Log error setSQLfromFile( file:sql/update_20.sql) failed ... There is no update_20 in the folder, that explains why it wont update.
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    try updating again the new update is 3.0.2 Q.T version 4.7.2 not 3.0.1

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    Server 64-bit 3.0.1 , thats what it says on the download site

    3.0.2 is the the client

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