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    Unable to restart TS3 Server after shutting down program or rebooting pc

    Good day to you all!

    I have completely setup the server on a Windows 7 PC. I am able to get people to connect. All is fine untill I shut down the pc or otherwise turn off the server. When I attempt to use the executable in the TS3 server, it then re-runs the TS3 startup & changes the privilage key & I have to rebuild my server again.

    I have searched through a few pages on this forum without seeing my issue. I also was unable to utilize the search function. It would not allow me to type in the search bar.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Do you get an error message in the server log ?
    Do you use a SQLite or MySQL database ?

    Off topic
    With IE you have to switch on "compatibility mode" (first button after the search bar)
    or with google, write in the search field : <key word here>

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    First, thanks for responding.

    There is no error log. The only database is what came with TS3. I guess that my question is mainly, what is the proper method to manually restart the server once it has been shut down? The only executable is the one that is within the the server folder itself & then it executes the installation. When this happens, the unique key & password is then changed.

    Thanks for the info about IE... I now use Google Chrome for this site.

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    Hum strange seems your server want recreate a new database at each start.
    Do you try to run as admin (right click on exe > Run as Admin ...) ?

    After start the server, check the properties of the folder (folder where the server is).
    Right click > properties and check if this one is "only read" (attributes - if yes, uncheck and apply for all sub-folders).
    And same for the database (ts3server.sqlitedb)

    About a proper method to a restart, right click on the icon (in the taskbar) > exit, and restart with a simple double click.

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    I have run with & without runing as the administrator. The only exe I have to use is below...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TS3 Server Folder 2.jpg 
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Size:	67.1 KB 
ID:	5523

    When I use this exe, I get the following pop-up...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Popup after running exe.jpg 
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Size:	48.5 KB 
ID:	5522

    I have checked my attributes & my TeamSpeak 3 Server is set to read only. I attempted to change the permissions, but the security for my "C:\Program Files" do not change.

    As for the restart, I can successfully exit the server... My delema is what exe to utilize to restart my server when I need to due to my situation above.

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