installed teamspeak3-server_win64-3.0.1

deleted all my logs, started it and i get a log file per virtual server, ok so i read the docs and enabled logappend 1 so it overwrites the old logs, restarted and a load of new log files are created, the old ones are still there.

ts3server_2011-11-18__17_10_28.701523_0 is created after i restarted when
ts3server_2011-11-18__17_07_25.352890_0 was there 1st

seems its not doing what it meant to do unless there is another command i need to include in the startup line.

this is my startup

query_port=10011 voice_ip=193.**.**.** query_ip=193.**.**.** logquerycommands=0 logappend 1 dblogkeepdays 7 dbclientkeepdays 60