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    Client gets disc, infinite loop.

    The problem is that any RANDOM user gets disconnected and the TS3 client immediately tries to reconnect but fails over and over until the TS3 client is restarted OR you connect through a new tab window.

    As far as I can recall the problem showed up about the same time as I received my new router/gateway. I've recently switched internet provider. The gateway is a 'Thomson TG789vn'. From all the information I've gathered so far, the problem might be connected to IDS DoS. But I've found no option as how to disable it on my gateway.

    Furthermore, a few months ago, I wasn't the host of the TS3 server, my mate was. And he used the exact same computer and the same model of gateway and internet provider, without ANY problems. This might contradict the IDS DoS problem a little bit, on the other hand they could have pushed some weird changes into the firmware.

    It's a private TS3 server hosted on a PC with win7 pro 64bit. Port 9987 UDP is opened. The firewall is afaik, allowing TS3. All users TS3 clients are up to date as well as the server.

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    And in case of:

    •Router "Thomson TCW/DCW": In the "Firewall" section, to deactivate "IP Flood Data"

    More details:

    Maybe this could help you:


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