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    Post You are banned permanently - Issue


    I've used Teamspeak for quite a while, and never had an issue with it before.

    However, recently I have attempted to start it and have only gotten the error that : 'You are banned permanently. Reason: "Server Provider was banned here."'

    This is very annoying, as my ISP is Shaw, and they say that they have never used for their servers. My other annoyance is that it was working fine for nearly six months, then suddenly this error pops up out of the blue. It would be nice if you actually told somebody what was going on, but I see that it isn't an issue.

    I have attempted to look on Google as well as these forums for assistance, but all threads concerning banned issues that I have seen are simply ignored, which seems quite perturbing for someone looking for support such as myself.

    Any information better then 'You are banned, deal with it' would be greatly appreciated, as I see no reason as to why it was banned, as it was working perfectly for an extended period of time.

    Some additional information for getting myself reconnected would also be greatly appreciated.

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    Sorry, this forum is for the Teamspeak 3 Technical support.
    There is no link with the public server.
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