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    Mic not working on server

    Ok I give, what is the problem with TeamSpeak? Lately I have been having problems with my headset mic cutting out or just plain not working. I go to the wizard and check my settings and everything works there but when I go to the server I use my mic will not work. I even went out today and brought a new headset and still will not work on the sever. This starting to get me mad at TeamSpeak. It is not my system but T/S. Someone please help with this problem. Thank you. And by the way I have Windows Vista on my computer and no I am not going to buy Windows 7 just to fix the problem. And yes I have been able to use T/S before with no problems before a few days ago

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    Let's suppose you're using Push-To-Talk.

    Please, verify:

    a) Self --> Hotkey profile --> You must have selected (checked) a profile

    b) Self --> Capture profile --> You must have selected (checked) a profile

    c) Settings --> Options --> Capture --> In "Advanced Options" section, verify that "Voice Activation Detection while using PTT" is deactivated.


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    I have absolutely same problem. I'm not heard only on TS (f.e. on Skype everthing is ok). I don't understand it, because yesterday everyone heared me. I haven't done any updates on TS or on my PC...
    All your guidances I've verified.
    Thank for next help!

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