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    Music bot on ubuntu vps (with gui)

    hello guys

    for a while I have a teamspeak3 server running on a ubuntu vps. with a graphical user interface. its all running good. but I saw a music bot on a other server and I'm searching for a music bot for linux. so I can run both on my vps.

    only problem, there are a few topics but they are pretty much all from more then a year ago. so they aren't up-to-date.

    does anybody know if its possible to get a music bot on the same server without a soundcard but with a desktop. (actually does a VNC desktop count as a desktop?)

    and if its possible can someone help me?


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    so I can assume nobody has a solution?

    is it possible with windows server?

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    like I said, all more then a year old.

    and music bot:

    Windows 32-bits
    Windows 64-bits

    so I have no idea how I should run that on linux.

    also. I can't get virtualbox isntalled on my ubuntu vps. because of kernel issue's and believe me I have tried allot to fix it.

    and beside that. I can't even get a linux client install running. but I'm not gonna try to fix it before I know that it is even possible. I have better things to do (school)

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