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    How to make Channel Headings [spacer]

    In the First side of teamspeak, you can see an example server with various Channel-Headings looking e.g. like this " ~~~~~~~Games~~~~~~~~" ...

    My question, how can i do such headings?

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    I guess it's a "spacer" : Right click on server name > Create Spacer
    In your case, I guess the spacer name is [cspacer0]~~~~~~~Games~~~~~~~~

    More information about spacer channel :
    Quote Originally Posted by changelog
    * Added channel spacers: Use "[?Spacer#]Text" to add one. Where "?" can
    be an alignment (r = right, c = center, l = left). If "*" is used, all chars
    after the spacer-tag will be repeated until the whole line is filled. Change
    "#" to get an unique channel name, the value doesn't matter.
    Example: [cSpacer0]a centered text, [rSpacer1]a right aligned text.
    Check also the five special spacer: "---,...,-.-,___,-..".
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    THX a lot!

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    Channel dividers/separators

    In the teamspeak 3 promo video they have these cool dividers between channel groups that look like of like this:


    How can I do that on my server?


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    Question Channeltitle: How do i do that ?

    Hey guys,

    can so explain to me how u creat a channel with the following name ?

    --------------------------- Welcome ------------------------

    I just got how u make just a lane full with --- in a spacer but i want the uppon written channel name.
    Can so tell me how that works ?

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    Post #2 explains it.

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    well tx to this move but thats not what im looking for.
    Maybe i didnt describe it well so i try again.

    Id like to have the line to the border of the window so it uses the full width indipendent from the width of the window.

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    This is a way to get such a channelname

    [*cspacer0]~~~~~~~Welcome~~~~~~~ < does not work here, because everything after the spacer take does repeat until the line is full
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    [cspacer0]~~~~~~~Welcome~~~~~~~ doesnt work.
    it posts "~~~~~~~Welcome~~~~~~~" in the mid but the ~ stops on half way to the borders.
    And ts dont let me put more letters in the channel name....

    and i use the newest server and client version.

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    I made a screenshot and attached it.
    In the red marked area the ~ is missing, id like to fill the red area too.
    is that possible ?
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    Can anyone point me to information that could help me get creative with my spacers?

    I wanted to make a change to the looks of my Teamspeak but I don't know how to do some of the things I've found online. For example, how do I create spacers that look like this?

    Thanks. Any other tips of setting up a good looking Teamspeak would be really appreciated. My Teamspeak is very crowded.
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    Quote Originally Posted by imWheat View Post
    I wanted to make a change to the looks of my Teamspeak but I don't know how to do some of the things I've found online. For example, how do I create spacers that look like this?

    Thanks. Any other tips of setting up a good looking Teamspeak would be really appreciated. My Teamspeak is very crowded.
    Whoever manages the server in question, used spacers and "alt key code symbols" to achieve these effects.

    How to create spacers
    - Create a new or edit an existing channel
    - Start the channel name with [xspacer]
    ├ [lspacer] = Channel Name aligned left
    ├ [cspacer] = Channel Name centred
    ├ [rspacer] = Channel Name aligned right
    └ [*spacer] = Anything after will be repeated to fill the whole width of the tree view. Works with multiple symbols and text.
    = [xspacer] is followed by whatever text and/or symbols you want to display in your spacer
    - Example: [lspacer]This spacer is aligned to the left
    - Example: [*spacer]╦╩

    Important: If you want to use several spacers with the same name or the same pattern you need to give the spacer unique names to avoid the error "channel name is already in use". To do that, you simply add (a) character(s) after spacer.
    - Example: [xspacer0] - [xspacer999], [xspacerA] - [xspacerZZZ]

    How to use symbols in the Channel Name (Windows)
    - Scroll to "Windows Accessories" in the start menu and open "Character Map", or search with a search engine for "Alt Codes"
    - Search for symbols you want to use, double-click them, or press "Select", and press "Copy"
    - Edit your channel of choice, highlight the "Name" text box and paste the symbol
    - Example: [cspacer]╦ ╩ ▀ ═ • ▪ ◄ ►

    Example screenshot:

    General tips
    - Keep it as clear and intuitive as possible
    - Keep it organised and categorised
    └ New users and guests should be able to orientate themselves in the server as fast as possible
    └ Have a "natural" flow within the channel sorting. Something like "Lobby -> Public Area -> Member Area -> Admin Area -> AFK Area" will help the user to find their way around
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    Thanks for your help. I do have another question though. How do I get the spacers to reach entirely across like the example I posted? When I do it it looks like this.

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    name it [*spacer]-
    the stuff after the ] will be repeated however many times necessary to fill the width.
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    Thanks so much Chris. I really appreciate it.

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    How to add spacers

    I think this question is kinda dumb but im new using teamspeak server and I was wondering how can you add the kind of spacers ppl use on ther servers, not sure if they are called spacers that's why I upload a picture to describe it better it says

    ~~~~~~~~~ GAMES ~~~~~~~

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TeamSpeak-screenshots.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	vcsd_tut92_1.png 
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ID:	14629
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