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    Won't allow me to set up joystick hotkey

    I am having problems with my joystick hotkeys. It won’t allow me to set it up. Need help please

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    I don't believe Teamspeak recognises joysticks as keyboards, that's why you're having problems. You don't mention what joystick you have but you might be able to download software which will enable you to map a joystick button to a keyboard key, you'll need to set this key up in Teamspeak then do the joystick mapping.

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    thank you alot for the help works now

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    I'm new here, so have a good day to everybody

    I have joysticks saiteck "fcs pro flight" and "Cyborg evo Force".
    I tried to do what you have well explained, but I could not find the software to map a button on the joysticksw as a keyboard button, not even to find where in the TS need to set this keys up in Teamspeak (and then do the joysticks mapping).
    I know: I am a clumsy , but please help me...
    thanks a lot
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