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    Solved Can't change to any sound packs

    I recently tried to revert back to the default sound pack so I could hear what a friend of mine was hearing when a player joined the server. But when I would switch to a different sound pack I still hear the main one I've always been using despite the change in sound pack in the drop menu still there, even after restarting. I tried deleting the working sound pack, then switching sound packs and everything was just mute.

    I don't want to reinstall for I would like to keep all of my bookmarks/sound packs/skins, so I haven't tried it yet.. but if I have to I suppose I will!

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    Now you must change them in Bookmarks, next to Profiles.

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    Or you can temporary change it for the remainder of your connection by right clicking on the server tab and selecting the sound pack from the popup menu.

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    Ahh, thank you!

    Wasn't aware it had to be changed per server now!

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