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    Push to talk assigned...

    Hello, I use voice activation in bf3 and had left myself idle with status set away on a ts3 server for the day and when I returned this message was there:" <08:59:31>Turning Push-To-Talk on, "force-push-to-talk" permission was assigned". I have uninstalled ts3and reinstalled it, updated it, checked with the admins to see if they checked anything, went over my settings to see if it had changed but have found no reason to date why I cannot use voice activation to communicate. I can use push to talk and if I go into a different server voice activation works. Does anyone have any ideas how to correct this?

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    It seems that your user or the channel or the group has the permission "b_client_force_push_to_talk" assigned.

    For knowing where is assigned,
    your user --> right-clic --> Permissions --> Permissions overview --> Select "show names" and in the filter write 'push' (see image below)
    (in this image the name of the permission is in gray because is not assigned in any place)


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