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    Post Permissions system - "First-aid" kit

    Here you could find some information to resolve "quickly" your permission problem.

    There is the answer for:
    - I got "insufficient client permissions failed_permid=<permID>" OR "failed on <perm name>"
    - I got "insufficient permission modify power"
    - The "Permission doesn't work"

    #1 - I got "insufficient client permissions failed_permid=<permID>" OR "failed on <perm name>"

    In this message, you already have the answer.
    The failed_permid=<permID> or failed on <perm name> shows you what is the permission that causes the error.

    1 (If you have the Perm ID) - Search the permission name related to this number
    Example with failed_permid=4616
    The permission is b_virtualserver_create

    Click here to see the entire permission list : ***
    1 (If you have the perm name) - Go to the point 2 directly

    2 - Go to your permission system, open your server group and search this permission.
    You can use the Filter field to find it faster.

    #2 - I got "insufficient permission modify power"

    I know, there is no permID in this message but no panic

    In fact this error message is also linked with a permission, but in this case with the Grant permission.
    Remember, the last right column in the permission dialog.

    So, when you get this error message, you have to check the Grant value (not the value column but the value for the Grant column) from the permission that you try to modify.

    It just means that there is no Grant value or this one is greater than the i_permission_modify_power permission in your server group.

    1 - Search the grant permission linked with the permission.
    Look at the permission list, click here : ***

    2 - Note the grant id and with the query command you could modify it
    Example, you want uncheck the b_virtualserver_create permission, but you got this error message.

    So with the query command :
    login serveradmin <password>
    use <serverID> ("or" use port=<voice port>)
    servergroupaddperm sgid=<groupID> permid=65288 permvalue=<the new value> permnegated=0 permskip=0
    And normaly it's ok.

    #3 - The "Permission doesn't work"

    Here, it's little bit more specific.
    Because that's depend of your permission configuration.

    But here, some tips to find the problem :

    1 - Don't forget, if you have a server group and you want set some specific "channel permission" set correctly the b_client_skip_channelgroup_permission, in your server group.

    2 - If you have several server group, you have the skip or negated option to indicate to the Teamspeak server which one must be considered.

    3 - You have the Permission Overview dialog to compare all permission type
    (server group, channel group, client permission, channel permission, channel to client permission).
    This tool is really usefull to find out where is the problem (where is the "conflict" between all permission types).

    Right click on a user > Permissions > Permissions Overview


    Please Note:
    If you rent your Teamspeak server, it would be more effecient to contact your Hoster, before ask us.

    He is the only one able to control, manage, modify his system.
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