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    Switching server to another computer

    Hey TS,

    I originally created and ran a virtual server off of my PC laptop for awhile. I then realized that it would be more beneficial to just run the server off of my desktop (iMac) so I could take my laptop elsewhere and still connect.

    So I deleted the server files and such off my laptop and installed the server on my Mac, unfortunately now while I can get the server to run I can't connect to it with that computer or my laptop. I'm thinking that there is probably a step I'm missing in which I needed to delete or fully stop my laptop instance of the server before I could re-create it on my Mac.

    I'm not worried about keeping my previous server in terms of settings and all that, starting from default is fine. I just want to have the server run on my desktop instead of my laptop, not both.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Please post the server log from your desktop.
    Do you set correctly your router ?
    Do you check the firewall ?

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