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    JeakBot - TeamSpeak servers on the next level!

    Ever set up a Minecraft server with plugins?
    We wanted to have this, just for TeamSpeak.
    So we built just that!
    The JeakBot-Framework connects to the TeamSpeak server using the TS3 server query interface.
    Java plugins can use the API to interact with the TeamSpeak server using the JeakBot-API.
    Plugins can be programmed in a way that developers may be familiar with from the Sponge plugin API for Minecraft as the projects idea is inspired by Sponge.
    As known from Minecraft plugins, functionality can be added by adding a jar to the plugins directory.

    What you get (so far!):
    • Plugin-based enhancement of your TeamSpeak server
    • Event-based, abstract communication with the server
    • A builder for custom query requests (with the possibility of callbacks!)
    • Asynchronous task management
    • Basic client command handling
    • Injections - for very loose coupling between plugin and framework!
    • Hibernate integration for databases!
    • Sending E-Mail messages (NEW as of May 19)
    • Storing offline-information about clients (NEW as of May 19)
    • Easy translation for server admins via. localization support (NEW as of 19)
    • Configuration library (never have to worry about the format again!)
    • Modern open source project with CI/CD enabled
    • Docker-Image available (w/ Pterodactyl egg!)
    • Living documentation both in Javadoc and web-based guides
    • Logging with the popular SLF4J and Apache Log4J 2 libraries
    • Easy development setup! (Excluding the TS3 server )
    • SSL/TLS support for secure connections over a proxy!
    • Fully MIT licensed. (Feel free to use it commercially too.)

    What plugins do we already have?
    • AFK-Monitoring
    • User-Support
    • Automated creation/deletion of channels (overflow-management)
    • Statistics-Tracking into MySQL (with AFK support)
    • Automated quiz gaming plugin
    • Tournament management (under development)
    • Verification plugin (under development)
    • User referral codes (under development)

    The monitoring moves users that exceed a certain idle time to an AFK-channel.
    • Idle times aswel can be configured per server group
    • AFK-Channels can be configured per server group
    • Channels can be black- or whitelisted for the monitoring
    • Users will be warned ahead of being moved
    • Users will be moved back once they're not idle anymore
    • Reduced allowed idle time for mic-muted and both-muted clients

    The support plugin will notify staff members when a user joined a specific support channel.
    • User groups can be specified per support channel
    • Multiple support channels are possible
    • Staff groups can be specified per support channel
    • Staff groups do not trigger a support message when they join
    • Poking can be used instead of messages

    Overflow-Management (contained in "channelmanagement")
    When a channel has too few empty sub channels, new ones are created.
    • Automatically create channels when too few free ones are available
    • Register channels on-the-fly using a command from your client
    • Incremental counter strategy for naming the sub channels
    • Random name (from list) strategy for naming the sub channels
    • No pollution: When too many free channels are available, some will be deleted

    Property-Enforcement (contained in "channelmanagement")
    Detects channel property changes and enforces a specific defined values.
    • Detect changes based on channel edit events and re-set properties
    • Ensure properties are properly set upon start-up
    • Integrates with overflow-management so automatically generated channels support enforcements

    Detects clients that continuously move to other channels and optionally punishes them.
    • Detects clients hopping though the server
    • Can move them to a channel
    • Notifies team members about the violation
    • Optionally adds a server group to the target (chained/jailed)

    On demand, creates joinable quizzes for your users to play through.
    • Users can join via. command
    • Questions and answers pre-configured w/ categories
    • Individual quizzes customizable before start
    • With scoreboard at the end of the quiz

    Links & Stuff:

    What is planned? (Not in order)
    • Even more documentation on
    • Documentation and download of FearNixx's plugins (already available)
    • Unified REST API for easy integration into other services! (Currently being developed as of May 19)
    • Dedicated project web site
    • Fancy download page (on the project site)
    • CLI commands

    We have been developing this framework since May '17 and decided that it is way to extensive to keep it our own.
    So we encourage everyone interested in the project to join us and create a new way of enhancing TS3 servers!

    Feel free to join the JeakBot community! We love to help you with your questions.

    [1] Why Discord? Because Discord is a nice way to get a forum without a full website
    [1.1] And because we don't give (international) support on our community TS!

    Edit 21.01.19:
    • Demo TeamSpeak server now available!
    • Added description for plugins

    Edit 22.02.19:
    • Added information about channel property enforcement
    • Added support for proxied SSL/TLS connections

    Edit 11.05.19:
    • Added release month information
    • Added notice about localization support
    • Added notice about mail support
    • Added notice about offline profiles support
    • Added tournament plugin to list
    • Added quizzer plugin to list
    • Added anti-hopper plugin to list

    Edit 05.06.19:
    • Updated links as the framework repository moved to GitHub ahead of release.

    Edit 15.08.19:
    • Updated links to the repository for SEO optimizations.
    • Updated existing plugins list.
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    With this post, the project has reached its first official release candidate.
    We enjoy getting feedback from you in order to reach our first stable release!

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    March 2016
    We have now gone through most of the release candidate phase and many upcoming features including but not limited to localization support via. language files and persistent user profiles. Many improvements have been added to the API and the implementation!
    We have now decided on a release time window: The framework will be released stable in June 2019!

    Many feature and plugin requests have reached us so far and some of them are already completed or in development.

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