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    issues with query_ip_whitelist.txt and teamspeak viewer


    I just installed a teamspeak 3 server on debian 6.0 and would like to make the status visible on my website. Unfortunately the "viewer" script cannot connect.
    On the server that the teamspeak server is on the script runs very well, but not on my other webspace.
    I have added the IP-address of the wbespace to the query_ip_whitelist.txt (in the second line, after , which is in the first line) and restarted the server multiple times, even started it as root, just to make sure but it's still not working.

    I am using this script:
    The error message is: Socket error: Connection timed out [110]

    Please, can anyone here help me get it to work?

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    Check in the server log, if you script is really banned and if it's a really whitelist problem.

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