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    Brand new TS Server admin questions

    Hi everyone!

    I have a couple of questions on running a TS3 server.

    TS3 server run in house on one PC
    Admin client running on second PC

    No problems with keys and such, but when I edit the virtual server, and change the fields, upon that PC reboot, all info is lost and the TS3 client prompts for a key.
    I enter that key and it is like a blank install.

    Where or how do I save all the info so if that PC reboots again, it is saved?

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    You have to stop the server "properly" before reboot your PC.
    You can find on this forum several information about "how to stop and start the Teamspeak server with the PC".

    Without no more information about the OP I can't give you more informations.

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