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Thread: Before I buy.

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    December 2011

    Before I buy.

    Hello there.

    Names Nate, I have always been a fan of teamspeak since it was an obscure VoIP and I was playing counter strike.

    Now I love the idea that I can go to a friends house who may not have Teamspeak. Hop on his computer load up my TS3 app and have the same experience. however is that how my little fantasy will play out?

    Now that I heard TS is on the iPhone, I would love to hold my breathe and dive in, in hopes all is well. I have learned that Apps are not all they are chalked up to be. I have reviewed several apps as a beta tester and wish I could have been apart of this one.

    I would like more reassurance before I buy a 5 dollar app.
    It seems audio quality is great, but I read here and there that multitasking and connections have issues.

    So my questions to OPs on the forums, devs, as well as user experiences is what problems do you have and how is the ease of use, also moments you were glad you had access to your TS3 Server on the go.

    If I wanted to load up a game on my iPhone such as Order and Chaos, would I have a difficult time loading TS3 and multitask that event.

    In my head, I can only see the app useful when a person is about to be late for a clan meet or guild raid and can hop on and let some peep know his mom is keeping him from the computer. Or the more professional use, business meeting on the go.

    If it were cheaper or free, I could see tons of uses with thinking outside the box for traveling and events at a theme park to keep up with the group or coordinate events.

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    December 2011
    Just look around. Lots of people are having problems and don't even get their questions answered. I'm beginning to regret my purchase.

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    Do you know that the Peopele with No Problems are not Posting in here.

    Im using the App and i have NO Problems.
    And if you read some more Threads you will see the most problem is the Person in front of the Monitor.

    And nfe789 do you noticed the an Iphone is an Smartphone not an Laptop.

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    I think it's worth it, and I don't even use it that much. We're talking the price of a slice of pizza or two. Though I would recommend setting it to output audio to the receiver (so you hold the phone to your face) or use a headset of some sort. I tried to use it as a 'speakerphone' and it echoed other people speaking.

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    I was in the same place you are now "Nate", but I payed the money and love it, (for the most part). the app is not a full blown TS3 client, like on a computer, and it there is a locked channel you will have to type in the password, even if you are a server admin. But for every day use it is great. I go to work, and on my brakes a turn on a TS3 app and talk to my friends will at lunch or when i am out and about.

    Over all I would rate this App at a 8/10, on becouse I can not join locked channels as admin, and becouse not being able to change user ranks well using it.

    But you should buy it, it is worth the $5, it costs.

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