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    Table (BB Code) in Channel Decription

    I wish to Create a Table in the description of the Channel .

    please help me

    ps: I am french so I don't speek english very well.

    *** French part deleted ***
    *** This forum is english ony ***

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    This bbcode has already been rejected.
    Next time please use the forum search function

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    I don't understand. If the BBcode is rejected, why TS use this code, for example this URL?

    My objectif is to create a Table in Channel Description
    Please can you help me?

    Thanks very much

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    Your list from the vbulletin forum. Not Teamspeak.
    So I repeat myself, sorry but the "table" bbcode was already rejected (since alpha time if I remember good).

    Don't forget this is a voice software. And the channel description are just for "description" (not text)

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