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    No Sound at all Through Teamspeak.

    But I can talk to people and they can hear me, I just can't hear them or the test sounds. I'm using 64 bit Windows client on Windows 7 and my sound works for everything else besides Teamspeak.

    I've trying manually telling it what to use (direct sound and all that stuff) and going through sound options to the communications tab to disable the Windows automatic sound manager thing. I've also tried uninstalling and redownloading and installing and closing all my extra programs(skype, fraps, steam) and even trying the 32 bit download. But no luck.

    I've looked around the forums and nothing seems to be already addressed about this so I made my own post. I've been trying to join a clan for ArmA 2 and they require Teamspeak and this is the only thing in the way. :P Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I had the EXACT same issue. If you go into your Control Panel, go to Hardware and Sound, and then Manage Audio Devices. You may see that there is a device with a headphone icon next to it (I don't recall the name of it) and another device called "Speakers and Headphones". Disable the device with the headphone icon and you may be able to hear everyone. I found that this was a conflict and this resolved my issues. Good luck and hopefully it will fix yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkangel View Post
    ... "Speakers and Headphones"...
    For me what worked relating to this was I have magic jack with has a phone icon along with the big speaker icon for speakers and headphones as well as a Realtek Digital Output. I don't use the Realtek digital so I just disabled that, and though the speaker and the phone both had the default check mark, I went ahead and right clicked the speaker and set it to default. This removed the default check mark on the phone so it was only on the speaker and got my TS working again.

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