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    TS 3.0.2 crash on Lion 10.7.2

    We are experiencing random crashes with my college. We can't really correlate the occurrences to any coincidence. It happens more often for him and he can reconnect immediately after the crash. We are on the same intranet in Thailand and we are connecting to other guys in the US, Italy and another guy in Thailand thru a self hosted TS server running on an Amazon micro instance alone in the APAC south east region (in other words in Singapore). The server OS is the latest official Ubuntu. If any of me or my friend crash, no one else is affected. The other guys are even coming from android or iphone clients just as from windows or macs sometimes and they didnt report any crashing issues. It started happening for my collegue first and then it happened twice today for me too and 2 days ago once also, but for my friend it's happening quite frequently. He is running a 2011 mac book pro 17" also on lion (i think that latest version too) and my machine is a unibody 13" mac pro. We are connecting thru a fonera 2.0 router if that helps.
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