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    Cleaning A Server Permissions Breach

    Long story short, I've had a breach in my server and now I want to make sure who does and who does not have ServerQuery capabilities. There's two ways:

    1- User being assigned to server groups who have the permission, and that's relatively easy to handle.

    2- User being given the permission directly, via "Client Permissions", which I have no idea on how to handle, since I need to be checking multiple permissions for all server users.

    With the current method I have in mind, I'll be taking days of work to get it done, and assuming there is still a breach, then it means that things might change during my days-long checks... and then I'll have to start over again...

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    You could use this old tool for that :

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    That seems the thing for me, but there's a step "Extract the php files in your web server", I have a server, but I do not think it is a web server... I extracted the files to the root folder of my server, and then loaded the index.php into a FireFox tab, but it didn't work.

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    In this case, you can download a little web server (like wamp or easyphp) on your computer.

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