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    Question Audioredirect with JACK

    Greetings everyone!

    Well... Old Story.. New Guy...
    I wanna make a musicbot for TeamSpeak. On Windows it is very simple.. Just install VAC, configure 2 cables and make the App using the cables...
    But on linux? I want it to run on my dedicated root server so...
    Do i need to load the kernelmodule for the soundcard?
    Do i need ALSA?
    Can anyone give me a tutorial for Jack?

    After 5 hours of experiments, currently virtualbox is runnin on the server with XP... But it is a Intel Atom with 1.6Ghz so die CPU Load keeps near 100%... The sound stutters...

    Please guys... How can i make it directly without virtualbox?

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    If you have pulsaudio in your system (you didn't provide any info):
    Set TS to use Pulseaudio as source.
    Install pavucontrol.
    Start ts and pavucontrol.
    Connect to a server in TS.
    in pavucontrol go to "Recording" tab.
    There should be an entry for TS3, and a button labeled with your default mic.
    Click that button and select the "Monitor of" entry with your audio device.

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