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    setup guide / walkthrough for a noob

    i have looked everywhere but can't find a start to finish guide that applies for the current 3.0.1 release of TS3.

    I need a guide that will take me through setting up the permissions etc. the video tutorials on the TS website seem to be different to mine and my client doesn't show as many tabs in the permissions section and also doesn't have the little drop down icons.

    if anyone could provide an updated tutorial or tell me what I'm doing wrong i would appreciate it.

    I think that TS should pull the finger out and do some full video tutorials that show you setup from start to finish for an admin rather than the odd bit here and there.

    your help would be appreciated.

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    For see permissions section:
    Settings > Options > Application > Misc > ... check box "Advanced Permisssions System"

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    God can't believe it was that simple how anoying that none of the tuts I found told you this!!

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