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    Teamspeak 3 on Synology (Linux)


    I installed Teamspeak 3 server on my Synology NAS which is based on linux. I get the server application to start using Putty SSH and running the script start but when I terminate the SSH session, the server shuts down.

    How can I get it to continue running?

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    Put it as a start up item (init.d) or use 'screen'.

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    Sorry but what's "screen"? If I put the start up item in init.d I have to reboot the NAS everytime Teamspeak would crash. If the service would crash i'd like to restart from the Synology.

    But why does the service shut down when I terminate Putty, I always thought that Putty was the same as using a terminal from the inside of OS.

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    when you terminate Putty, ssh will automatically log out the session(actually the loginshell that does this)

    Screen is a utility to allow you to run the command without having the ssh session "alive".

    Type screen in the shell, you will get a new prompt similar to the one you got when logging in. cd to the ts server and start the server.
    when you have done this, first press ctrl and a at the same time, then d to detatch the screen.
    The process running in the session continues to run. when you want to access the screen session again, type screen -rd, this will re-attatch the detatched screen.

    A nice guide to screen can be found here:

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    I strongly recommend to make your own Synology package avoiding all those problems and no need of telnet or linux knowledge. Description of how to:
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Package (Google Translation from German Synology Wiki)

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