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    Exclamation Teamspeak 3 Move

    I was attempting to move my teamspeak 3 server from one computer (win 7 ultimate x64) to another running the same OS.

    I copied the Folder containing all the teamspeak folders (files, docs, the .exe, the .db, etc) and pasted it directly on to the new computer. Ran teamspeak server and connected to it.

    The problem is now its asking me for the teamspeak server password (which I know since it was the same as the old server) but when I log in none of my client permissions has moved over. I am no longer the server admin, don't have talk powers, and the same goes for anyone else who logs in. However, all the files uploaded and all the channels and channel locks are in place.

    If I turn the server back on, on the original computer I can login just fine, so all the original files are still intact and working, I just dont understand why this isn't transfering over....

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    Do you get a new database ID on this "new" Teamspeak server ?
    Do you check the server log (is there an error or informative message) ?
    DO you try to just copy/paste again the ts3server.sqlitedb file ?

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