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    Permission to users join the channel with enabled plug-in

    Is it possible to disallow users enter the channel if they have disabled specific plugin? That is, without this plug-in user can not join the channel.

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    I moved your thread into the permissions section.
    This is currently not possible, but may the server side scripting will allow to remove some users with plugins.
    But most plugins or scripts are not visible for the server, because they send normal commands to the server, as the client would do too.
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    Is there any progress in this direction?
    Or, please give reference to the documentation on configuring server-side scripting for TS.

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    Afaik Server Side Scripting or Plugins is not yet available.
    Disallowing entrance to a certain Channel would still require to be implemented in the Plugin or at the very least require Support from the Plugin unless Teamspeak goes through a lot of trouble...

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    This would be amazingly useful for ACRE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heaney555 View Post
    This would be amazingly useful for ACRE.
    We already did this at We have our own system which only allows those running ACRE and upon connection to our servers to connect (including an auto move) into the specified channel. We also have a in-house proprietary system to remove players who either stop their plugin or fail to be have "ACRE Connected".

    The bad news is we will not be releasing this software.

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