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    Mic doesn't work-Help

    I have installed Teamspeak 3 on my computer recently, and at first my mic works perfectly fine. But I noticed today that I am unable to speak. Like my microphone was not working. So I tried to talk to someone on skype, to see if it was my mic that was broken. And I was able to. But while I was talking to them on skype, I was able to talk in teamspeak. I dont understand why that is, but can someone help me solve this problem please.

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    Maybe this thread can help you (be sure of deactivate the options indicated for Skype):

    If the issue persits, we'll need more information about your mic (model). Operating System and TS3client version.


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    Hi. i'm having the same sort of problem. When I initially installed TS3 and went through the wizard, my mic tested and worked fine, but upon logging into the server, I can neither hear any of my guild mates and they cannot hear me (via headset or speakers). What is weird is that the blue orb next to nick-name lights up when I speak into my mic, but still, nothing is physically heard. I have uninstalled and re-installed TS3 about 5 times now (each time restarting windows after an uninstall). I have Windows 7 HP 64-Bit/TS3 3.0.2(QT: 4.7.2)/HEADPHONES: Razer Carcharias Analog (NOT USB) Gaming Headset My Gaming Headset/mic also works fine everywhere else.
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    Alright, thank you very much. My teamspeak 3 is working fine now. Thanks for the help!

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